It's an Inside Job

Thriving Through Turbulence: Natalia Popovych's Resilience Blueprint.

August 21, 2023 Season 4 Episode 8
It's an Inside Job
Thriving Through Turbulence: Natalia Popovych's Resilience Blueprint.
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In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting a remarkable guest whose work has reverberated far beyond borders and impacted the world with her unwavering commitment to resilience, truth, and advocacy.

Join us in welcoming Natalia Popovych, a beacon of hope, a dynamic force in civic activism, and an international communications virtuoso. Natalia wears multiple hats with incredible finesse - she is not only the founder of One Philosophy, a distinguished communications and management consultancy, but also the visionary behind Resilient Ukraine. Through Resilient Ukraine, Natalia has crafted a haven of knowledge,, a repository of truth that sheds light on the Russia-Ukrainian war, while simultaneously pioneering a global platform for engagement and advocacy, promoting the unwavering resilience of the Ukrainian spirit.

Natalia's influence extends far beyond her entrepreneurial ventures. She serves as a vital cog in the Ukrainian Institute's board and is an indispensable member of the steering committee of B4Ukraine. But her achievements don't stop there – in a remarkable display of leadership, Natalia co-founded and now spearheads Ukraine House in Denmark, a hub of collaboration and cultural exchange.

In today's episode, we delve into the heart of Natalia's journey and explore some critical questions that define our times. We'll gain invaluable insights into how One Philosophy has navigated the tumultuous waters of war, emerging stronger and more resolute than ever. Natalia will share her unique perspective on the resilience of Ukrainian businesses amidst the backdrop of the Russo-Ukrainian War – what sets them apart and empowers them to endure.

Moreover, we will explore the profound societal resilience demonstrated by Ukraine in the face of grave challenges like genocide and culturecide. Natalia's wisdom will guide us through the intricate threads of strength that weave the tapestry of Ukrainian society.

And as the world collectively grapples with the urgent need to address the actions of Russia, Natalia will provide us with invaluable insights on the role that businesses and consumers worldwide can play in stemming the tide. Drawing upon her rich experiences in both the business realm and civil society, Natalia will paint a comprehensive picture of the essential ingredients that underpin resilience – a perspective that resonates on a global scale.

Natalia Popovych's  contact information: 
LinkedIn:      @NatalaPopovych
Facebook:    @NatalaPopovych

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(Cont.) Thriving Through Turbulence: Natalia Popovych's Resilience Blueprint.
(Cont.) Thriving Through Turbulence: Natalia Popovych's Resilience Blueprint.